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About us

Covering the entire life span of our clients’ assets, OneSource is a leading service provider worldwide for oil, gas, renewable and marine.

With experienced and well-trained multidiscipline personnel, well-maintained equipment and products of the best quality, we deliver projects and solutions according to our strict internal requirements of always being on time, on budget, with zero incidents.

OneSource’s employees are permanent employees, who undergo both internship and re-certifications to maintain the necessary standard needed to safely perform multidisciplinary projects.

Transparency Act

The annual Transparency Act presentation captures the essence of our commitment to openness and accountability. In this summary, we reflect on the progress made in cultivating a culture of transparency within our organization. Discussions center around key achievements, notable challenges, and strategic initiatives aimed at enhancing information accessibility and ethical practices. Through engaging presentations and interactive sessions, participants are immersed in the importance of transparency, paving the way for continued growth and trust. This summary encapsulates the essence of our dedication to fostering transparency and integrity across all facets of our operations.

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