OneSource Norway


OneSource delivers experienced multi-disciplinary personnel with long experience and certifications in several disciplines.

This allows us to carry out more tasks with fewer people assigned on board, without compromising safety.

We also provide certified high standard equipment in all disciplines.

Disciplines served

OneSource has highly skilled and professional multidisciplinary engineers, who can perform a multitude of tasks for your projects anywhere in the world.
Our engineers are all permanent employees, who undergo internship and re-certification to maintain the high standard needed to perform multidisciplinary projects worldwide safely and efficiently.

OneSource has professional multidisciplinary engineers trained in mechanical multidisciplinary services with many years of experience within the Oil and Gas industry. We can help to install and design machinery, oversee mechanical projects and analyze new technologies.

OneSource Engineers are trained in Electrical / Instrument / Automation engineering. We do Electrical Maintenance / Operations and Electrical/Project Engineering. Our engineers are trained in instrumentation, monitoring/maintaining sensors, and instrumentation equipment. We assist in various automation processes using digital technologies to optimize your projects.

OneSource engineers can assist with all aspects of pressure testing including providing pressure testing equipment if required. Pressure testing helps to improve seals, identify weak areas, identify min/max burst pressure, and assist to define product specifications. We assist our clients to meet safety and quality standards on their projects.

OneSource engineers have years of experience performing N2He services, we perform N2He services safely and efficiently and always with zero-harm workplace culture in mind. OneSource has all the equipment required for N2He services which are available for rental.

Bolt tensioning is when the bolt is stretched out before the nut is tightened, this is done by preloading the bolt using bolt tensioning equipment. OneSource has bolt tensioning equipment available for rental. Our engineers are trained in bolt tensioning and can provide high-accuracy tensioning services safely and efficiently with zero-harm workplace culture in place.

Bolt Torquing is a fast more cost-efficient way to achieve fastener preload with bolted joints rather than using bolt tensioning, but with less accuracy. OneSource has all equipment readily available for rental. Our Multidisciplinary engineers are also trained in bolt torquing and can perform the task for you safely and efficiently with zero-harm workplace culture in place.

OneSource Engineers are all trained in Hydro Jetting and can perform all tasks safely and efficiently with zero-harm workplace culture in place. OneSource has hydro-jetting equipment available. We can assist with general surface cleaning, pipe and tank cleaning, heat exchanger cleaning, filter cleaning, and more.

OneSource engineers are all trained in hot oil flushing services and can perform the tasks safely and efficiently, with zero-harm workplace culture in mind. Hot oil flushing is necessary after pipe installation, there may be a lot of dirt and build-up of contaminants in the piping system. The best way to clean this out efficiently is by hot oil flushing as we can monitor the cleanliness of the oil being flushed to calculate when the pipes are clean. OneSource has high-quality flushing units available for rental and ready to be used by our multidisciplinary engineers. 

Over time the use of pipes will cause an internal build-up of fouling deposits, especially when a pipeline conversion from crude to refined oil is going to take place. We can use chemical cleaning to perform this task, sometimes we use chemicals but it’s also possible to add an extra layer of cleaning by introducing steam or turbulent water flow. Our multidisciplinary engineers can supervise or perform the entire task for you ensuring safe and efficient work with zero-harm workplace culture in place.

Pigging is when a cleaning device is pumped through a pipeline whilst under pressure. This is done to push out internal contaminations. This is an efficient cleaning method when the pipes are large. Our pigging devices can also be fitted with cameras, ultrasonic, or other measurement technologies to evaluate if the piping is corroded or vulnerable.

When pipes are going to be welded together, we need to bevel them first, this is done by hand grinding, flame-cutting, or using a bevelling machine. This will create a high-quality weld which is essential for high-pressure piping systems. OneSource has the machining/bevelling equipment available for rental. Our multidisciplinary engineers are all trained with experience in bevelling to perform high-quality welds, ensuring worker safety at all times with our zero-harm workplace culture.

When maintenance inspection is required in piping, heat exchangers, and various other equipment we can assist by using video for safe, quick, and cost-efficient work. We have borescopes and other equipment available for rental to perform these tasks. Our multidisciplinary engineers are all trained to perform all video inspection scopes when required ensuring worker safety at all times with our zero-harm workplace culture.

Our Multidisciplinary engineers are well versed in the calibration of various instruments, tools, gauges as well as PSV calibration. We assist clients to ensure equipment is within the set of universally accepted reference standards. This ensures clients of fewer unknown factors and maximizes efficiency.

OneSource has experience in MC/Commissioning which is to verify that systems are designed and built within the specified requirements. We ensure early set up of commissioning packages to assist in orderly and effective project completion within all phases. We assist in the commissioning plan having maximum priority in all project phases. All plans for fabrication and installation will be electronically system oriented.

With the amount of experience that OneSource has in various multidisciplinary services, we also offer consultancy services to our clients. This will allow clients to be guided toward best industry practices and cost-saving within their project.