Preservation is traditionally associated with packing of equipment for future use, a procedure commonly known as mothballing. In OneSource we have taken this process to the next level.

We still offer preservation as a cost-saving method during lay-ups, ensuring continuation of SPS class, COC certificates and reduced insurance premium during the lay-up period, and we can still pack equipment for shipment to all corners and climates of the world.

But used properly, preservation can also be used for extending the lifetime of industrial equipment while still in operation. In OneSource we have perfected these processes and offer preservation as an integral part of our maintenance services.


  • Complete smart stacking
  • Complete warm stacking
  • Complete cold stacking
  • Preservation management
  • Preservation engineering
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Logistics preservation
  • Shock and impact preservation
  • Odor preservation
  • UV preservation
  • Temp preservation
  • Humidity preservation
  • Preservation monitoring equipment
  • Preservation rental equipment
  • Preservation material sales
  • Preservation personnel services