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VERSIL−PAK™ Flexible, Greaseproof, Waterproof Barrier Material


VERSIL−PAK™  is a protective packaging material designed to protect underground piping in corrosive or severe environments. 


  • Provides corrosion, abrasion and impact protection.
  • Good moldability: conforms to odd shapes and sizes and nearly any industrial surface, including hard-to-reach welds and threads, straps, yokes, joints and valves.
  • Works as a total barrier even in most demanding conditions. Locks out soil, grease, dust, high moisture, acidity, bacterial or galvanic attack; all of which can contribute to pipeline corrosion.
  • Strong, easy to use, and durable. It is especially suited for hand wrap applications in the field. Polyester provides superior strength; two-sided adhesion wax provides tight overlap seal; excellent dead-fold and high dielectric and tensile strength.


  • Protects industrial plant piping where corrosive action is prevalent or where conditions are severe, such as air lines, sprinkling system piping, cold water pipe, gas pipe, and other metal tubes.
  • Use as a tight wrap on underground piping, pumps and irregular shapes on oil field machinery, large electric motors, or buried equipment needing strong barrier and dielectric protection.
  • Drilling Equipment


  • Versil-Pak combines a high strength fabric saturated and coated with a high adhesion adhesive wax and a high barrier plastic film
  • Heavy weight woven cotton fabric, coated
  • Medium weight open mesh cotton fabric, coated and laminated to barrier film
  • Medium weight cotton fabric, coated and laminated
  • Heavy mesh cotton fabric, coated and laminated

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VERSIL−PAK™ Flexible, Greaseproof, Waterproof Barrier Material