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SUPER DRY desiccants are made from highly hygroscopic Calcium Chloride and starch engineered to absorb moisture from the air,

thus reducing the humidity in a controlled environment like poly bags, carton boxes, and containers.

Our proprietary desiccant formula turns moisture into a gel, contained and leakage-free, eliminating any risk of re-evaporation or spillage which can harm your cargo.

SUPER DRY desiccants have a proven absorption capacity of more than 300% of their own weight and remain active for up to 90 days.

Our desiccants have an absorption capacity 8 to 15 times higher than other common desiccant types,

with a wide temperature application range from -5°C to +90°C.

SUPER DRY desiccants are the superior solution for moisture damage prevention inside containers, transport boxes, and product packaging.


OneSource stock nr:

Drysac DS 2, 2gr: 12000

Drysac DS 5, 5gr: 12001

Drysac DS 10, 10gr: 12002

Drysac DS 25, 25gr: 12003

Drysac DS 100, 100gr: 12004

Drysac DS 1000, 1000gr: 12006

Drysac DP 1000, 1000gr: 12007

Drysac DS 1400, 1400gr: 12008

Drysac DS 1500 BK, 1500gr: 12010


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