OneSource Norway

Heavy-Duty, Outdoor, and Export Packaging

Corrosion inhibitors in the thick, flexible shrink film keep multi-metal parts clean, dry, and rust-free.

The UVI stabilization feature provides extended life to the film, making it ideal for use in outdoor storage and export environments.

Replaces less functional non-VCI shrink wraps, tarps, and covers. Use it when the part is not suited for crating.

Excellent sealing properties allow X-O Wrap to be installed on-site without additional equipment or labor.

Good for ferrous and non-ferrous applications.


Protection time: 24 months.


Roll size: 6,1×30,5m, 250my

OneSource stock nr: 10300

Without VCI: 10301


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Premium Metal-Guard®X-O Wrap VCI Shrink Film