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Plibox from Durbiano is a robust and space-efficient packaging solution designed for maximum performance. Plibox boxes are carefully engineered, consisting of three key components: flat folded sidewalls, a sturdy bottom, and a secure lid. Technical specifications include:

  • Materials: Plibox sidewalls and lids are constructed from 9mm coniferous plywood with waterproof glue, ensuring durability in various conditions. Internal frames incorporate 18mm thick fir-wood listels, compliant with ISPM 15/FAO regulation.
  • Bottoms: The bottom section is crafted from 18mm coniferous plywood, available in two or four-way configurations, always adhering to ISPM 15/FAO regulations.
  • Corner Reinforcement: Plibox is fortified with four coated metal corners (hinges) featuring beading and antirust treatment. These hinges are securely affixed to the sidewalls using nickeled bifurcated rivets.
  • Marking: Plibox includes conventional markings such as double arrows, a glass umbrella, net weight, and gross weight for easy identification and handling.
  • Customization:  Boxes can be customized to your required sizing and company logo.


Choose Plibox for a reliable, space-efficient, and performance-driven packaging solution that meets all your technical standards.

Plibox Technical Specifications:

Rd.EXTERNAL. cmInternal. cmWorking Heigh. cmtare. kgCapacityOverlap 1+...
06 Q120*80*71118*78*5755348002
07 Q120*80*92118*78*7876378001
08 Q120*100*92118*98*7876438001

OneSource also offers Plitec Boxes but we recommend using Plibox. Please check our Technical Datasheet for Plitec specifications.


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