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Nox-Rust® 1200DC

  • Protection Time: 1-5 years stored indoors in a sealed system
  • Appearance: Clear to tinted odorless liquid
  • Metal Protection: continuous protection for ferrous metals, compatible with copper and galvanized steel

VCI liquid 1200 is a water solution. It is a silica-free, volatile corrosion inhibitor (VCI)

solution designed to protect the interior metal surfaces of enclosed systems, such as boilers, tanks, turbines,

heat exchangers, and steam or condensate pipelines. This is particularly useful during extended periods

of equipment inactivity, during storage or lay-up, or during and after hydrostatic testing. The chemical

formulation provides continuous long and short-term corrosion protection for ferrous metals and

compatible with copper and galvanized steel. This specially-engineered VCI prevents corrosion on

metal surfaces in both vapor and contact phases. The volatile component is attracted to the metal

surface above the water line and forms a molecular barrier against oxidation, so even the most difficult

to reach recesses are protected.


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Nox-Rust® 1200DC