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Nox-Rust 9800

In partnership with Daubert CromwellOneSource AS offers Nox-Rust 9800 Water-Soluble Glycol VCI. It is a corrosion inhibitor containing glycol specifically designed for closed spaces/systems and is a versatile and efficient solution for corrosion protection. It is easily applied by spraying or fogging into enclosed areas such as turbines, pipes, and tanks.

Uses in the Oil & Gas Industry:
✅ Heating and Cooling Systems: The glycol content in Nox-Rust 9800 offers additional benefits, such as enhanced heat transfer capabilities, freeze protection, and improved lubrication, making it suitable for use in heating and cooling systems within the Oil and Gas industry.
✅Process Operations: Nox-Rust 9800 can be used during process operations to minimize corrosion, reduce maintenance costs and extend equipment life.
✅Hydrostatic Testing: Nox-Rust 9800 is a rust inhibitor that is used during hydrostatic testing to ensure the integrity of equipment and systems. It can be mixed into test media and is recommended for use in areas where the temperature is low with a risk of freezing.
✅Lay-up or Storage: Nox-Rust 9800 provides long-term protection against rust and corrosion during intermittent operations, preserving the quality and performance of critical assets.
Nox-Rust 9800 is a corrosion control solution for the oil and gas industry, ensuring equipment and infrastructure longevity during operation and intermittent operation. This extends equipment lifespan, reduces maintenance costs, and minimizes downtime.

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