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Solutions Plus

OneSource AS – ASIA on behalf of our partner Solutions Plus offers an Indoor Air Quality solution to eliminate mold and improve indoor environments.

RGF Air Purification products bring “mother nature’s disinfection” indoors by generating and filling spaces with ionized Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) molecules. H2O2 is proven to safely neutralize Microbes (Virus/Bacteria), Mold, and Volatile Organic Compounds while maintaining H2O2 at the safe level (< 0.02 ppm), similar to the levels found naturally outdoors. Each unit can cover up to 200ft2/20m2.

We are pleased to share two videos that explain the technology, benefits, and US and Singapore test results in two categories: (1) In-duct systems for centrally ducted air conditioning systems and (2) Portable units for smaller spaces:

1)     2:18 min video showing our In-duct system:
2)     1:56 min video showing our Portable units:

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