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Nox-Rust® 5200 Heavy-Duty Rust Preventive Coating

  • Protection Time: 3-6 months outdoors, up to 5 years indoors
  • Appearance: Dries as a semi-firm coating
  • Metal Protection: Steel; compatible with non-ferrous metals


Apply Nox-Rust 5200 on exposed metals and unpainted metal parts. The brown, grease-like film dries as a semi-firm coating in 12-24 hours. Protection lasts 3-6 months on equipment stored outdoors, up to 5 years if stored indoors. Ideal for machinery, instruments, bearings, and steel parts. Remove with solvent/alkaline cleaner or an emulsion cleaner. Sold in pails, drums, and aerosol cans.

OneSource stock nr:

Aerosol: 10200

Pail: 10210

Drum: 10211


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Nox-Rust® 5200